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out of russia. tonight that little girl is here in northern virginia and her parents are talking about the mountain of red tape they had to climb to get her. darcy spencer is in vienna with the story. >> lilly is the late addition to th family. this -- to this family. this is possibly the last russian orphan to be adopted by an american family. >> she deserves mom and i daddy and a sister. so it was a great feeling to take her out of there. >> her journey from a russian orphanage, where lived on tea and crushed biscuits are over. >> it was out of my control and out of my hands, and just sit and wait. the unknown. >> the uncertainty was tough. >> it was painful. >> when she went to russia to get lilly, there were legal problems and holdups and other challenges. but working with the state department, u.s. embassy and russian courts she got the final go ahead so take lilly to america. >> just drive out of there as fast as we could. literally. just run. take her and run. >> for many months, lilly's room sat empty, but now she is here, her room and this home are now complete. >> the family
that is, captured a 10 ton meteor hurdling in the sky over russia before it exploded with the force of a bomb. it blew out windows and injured 1,000 people from flying gas from the sonic boom. the meteor did damage but did not hit buildings. it came hours before an asteroid passed within 17,000 miles of earth. scientists say the two incidents were just a coincidence, astrological coincidence. not related. >> thousand of cruise ship passengers back home tonight, five days in disgusting conditions, clamoring for food. now an investigation is under way to figure out what caused the problem and what could have been done to avoid it. our report from mobile, alabama. >> reporter: after a celebration filled return to u.s. soil, passengers of the carnival triumph headed home trying to put memories behind them. >> i am getting on no cruise no more. first time and never again. >> trina of new york says after an engine fire cult power and knocked out the ship's sanitation system. raw sewage and garbage forced her on to the top deck for good. >> you could not go back in. to get to the room you
olympics in russia. >>> snow and lots of it out in denver. look at this, the city getting its biggest storm of the season. some places could see more than a foot by the time it wraps up late tonight, cause lots of flight delays and hundreds of cancellations at denver international airport. people in maine getting a nice dose of winter weather. portland getting between 6 and 10 inches of snow. snow there is on the wet and heavy side, and there's some worry that could cause power outages. so winter is not done with us. >> oh, no. it is still february. and it has no intentions of letting go. >> we haven't seen anything like that. >> we've had 1.5 inches of snow for our entire winter here in march. >> could we get a march storm? >> march 1993 was a good one. but when you see march, you know that you're really pushing it if you expect to see a lot of snow around here. we'll have a chance of getting a little winter weather coming up on tuesday. so stay tuned, everybody. may not be completely done with us just yet. though i don't think it's going to be a big issue around town. we'll talk about tha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3